Springdale Land Management
d.b.a. Springdale Agriculture Services 

Springdale Services

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What We Do


Plant agricultural crops for wildlife-Sunflowers, corn, beans, small grains, clovers, etc.

Have tractors, planters and drills (no-till), cultivators, mowers, spraying equipment, trucks and trailers

Chemical spraying of fields, roads, ditch banks, woodlots

Heavy Equipment/Construction

Grading, pond building, road building, clearing, drainage, drum chopping*, fire lanes*

Have bulldozers, track hoe, back hoe, motor grader, dump trucks, and other basic equipment

Hauling rock other materials, etc.

Construction of docks, barns, buildings, sheds, stands/blinds

Engineering services available

Wildlife Specific

Develop wildlife management plan for properties


Manage properties for wildlife

Work with foresters and loggers

Prescribed burning


Property landscape management/maintenance

Fencing-all types - Guide service-Project Management